Vulnerable Populations: COVID-19 by Race in Arizona

Evidence suggests that racial and ethnic minority groups are more burdened by the effects of COVID-19 when compared to white individuals. Although the specific effects of COVID-19 on minority populations are still being determined, factors such as living and working conditions, access to healthcare and testing, and prior existing health conditions all contribute to the health differences and increased deaths experienced by minority individuals.

Native Americans make up roughly 5.3% of the total Arizona state population; however, they make up 14% percent of the cases and 18% of the deaths within the state. Evidence also suggests that these health disparities are even greater than reported in the graph above. In many instances, minority races are misclassified, meaning that many individuals will fall into an “unknown” category (36% of cases and 11% of deaths). These groups also face disproportionate access to healthcare and testing services, which means the case and death counts are likely much higher than what is shown below.

Ways to help: 

For more information about what can be done to reduce COVID-19 health disparities, visit this link.

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