Mask Up and Make a Difference: “Pro” tips for face coverings

Are you already in the habit of wearing your face covering? Take your mask-wearing to the next level with these “pro” tips:

Have at least seven washable face coverings for each day of the week, plus a box of disposable masks in case you forget or are unable to routinely wash your cloth face coverings. 

Find a mask with a removable filter layer because, often, the filter is not machine washable, but the rest of the mask is. This way, the filter can then be hand washed separately, prolonging the life of your mask. 

Ear loops can become uncomfortable, especially after an hour or more. If you know you’ll have to wear your face covering for hours at a time, invest in one with ties or an elastic band that goes around your whole head, rather than just your ears, for greater comfort. 

To create a tighter seal across your cheeks and nose, twist the ear loops once before putting them around your ears (it will look like a figure 8 from the side). This works extremely well for glasses-wearers, too, to reduce fogging! 

After you put your face covering on, take a moment to talk to yourself while looking in a mirror. For a good fit, there shouldn’t be any large gaps around the edges of the face covering when you’re speaking

If you can blow out a candle or lighter flame 6 inches in front of your face, your mask is too easy to breathe through! 

Do you wear glasses and struggle with fogging or slipping while wearing a face covering? 

Are you constantly touching your face to adjust your glasses? Here are special “pro” tips just for you: 


  • Try improving the fit of your glasses by visiting an optometrist or purchasing anti-slip silicone ear grips. These grips are available to fit onto different parts of your glasses, for example nose pads and earpieces, and can be purchased as a kit to give you options to experiment and find the best fit for you. 
  • If a headband is an option for you, sew a button onto the headband and hook the ear loops from your mask into the button instead of your ears. 


  • Put your glasses on the outside of your mask. Not only will this help reduce fogging, but it will help keep your mask fitted snugly to your face – win/win! 
  • Try an anti-fogging glass cleaner. 
  • Adjust the ear loops or ties for a tighter fit: If your mask has ear loops, twist them once into a figure-8 before putting the loop around your ear. If your mask has ties, make an X: The string at the bottom of your mask should go high around the back of your head, and the string from the top of your mask should go low, tying closer to your neck. 

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