Survey Results Are In – Thank you for your input!

AZCOVIDTXT is a statewide resource for you, so to make our platform most useful, we reached out to the community to ask what specific COVID-19 topics we could provide more information on. In the survey “We Want to Hear from You,” we asked you about sources of COVID-19 information, misinformation, your biggest concerns, and what you would like to know about the science of COVID-19. We were blown away by the amount of responses! Over 400! If you still want to respond to the text with the link, you are always welcome to go back to it and give us some feedback

Many of you are concerned and would like to know more about the long-term impacts of COVID-19. We will be sure to keep you updated as new information about the effects of the novel virus are researched. We also received many responses indicating that it is difficult to find trustworthy COVID-19 information. Finally, we know that many of you are experiencing personal and financial hardships. These are unprecedented times, but we will get through them together. 

Thank you so much to our Arizona community for your input and continued support – that is invaluable to us at AZCOVIDTXT. Moving forward, we will continue working to produce updates that address issues important to you. Our goal is to make AZCOVIDTXT a timely and trusted source of COVID-19 information for Arizonans.

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