Pandemic Preparedness: Alternatives to Traditional Halloween Activities

Like many other events during the pandemic, Halloween will look a little different this year. If you are still hoping to get into the spooky spirit, here are some safer alternatives to the traditional Halloween activities: 

Traditional Hallween ActivityLow Risk Alternative Halloween Activities
Trick or TreatingBackyard trick or treating with members of your household: Hide candy around a front or backyard (similar to an Easter egg hunt) for children to look for. 
Remember, all candies that are shared should be individually wrapped to reduce the potential spread of germs.
Creating halloween basketor treat bags either to share with members of your household, or to drop off outside of your friends’ and family’s households.
Halloween Parties/MoviesOnline costume party (through Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or another video calling platform)
Create a list of Halloween (and/or scary!) movies, and pick a random movie to watch every day in October
Use an online browser extension to watch Halloween movies with people outside of your household 
If you already have a streaming subscription, there are a lot of free options to use for an online watch party 
Pumpkin Patch 
or Fall Festival
Buy pumpkins to carve at home with members of your household
Haunted HouseCreate an at home haunted house (e.g., decorations, lights, scary music) with the people you live with
Additional Low Risk Halloween Activities
Decorate your home for Fall or Halloween with people that you live with

Plan Halloween arts and crafts (e.g., making slime, making witch hats)
Cook spooky themed food recipe together (e.g., decorating cookies, making eyeball cake-pops)

Play a Halloween board game

With people in your household, or with others via video calling
Read or tell scary stories 

With people in your household, or with others via video calling (halloween filters for video calling can add to the fun)

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