Quick Question: How to Vote Safely – Vote by Mail Option

With the general elections quickly approaching, we want to best prepare you for how to vote safely! The safest way to vote in the time of COVID-19 is to request a ballot-by-mail, especially if you have a condition that would contribute to severe COVID-19 illnessIf you have not already signed up for the permanent early voting list (PEVL), you can still do so as long as you are registered to vote in the state of Arizona. Here are some important pieces of information and deadlines to remember for the election season: 


  • It’s important that your voting identification card is up to date with your current name and address. 
    • It’s helpful to check your voting information, especially if you have recently moved.
    • The deadline for registering to vote or updating your voting information is on October 15th @ 5pm. This has been updated from an earlier version that listed the last day as Octber 23rd.
    • You can check your voting information by visiting this link, or by texting “CHECK” to 504-09 


  • If you are a registered voter in the state of Arizona, you have two ballot-by-mail options: 
    • You can make a request to receive a ballot-by-mail for only the general election.
    • Or you could join the permanent early voting list (PEVL), where you would get a ballot-by-mail for all future elections, until you opt out of the service.
  • Visit this link to request a ballot-by-mail, or to join the PEVL.


  • You can request a ballot-by-mail or join the PEVL at any time.
  • However, the last day that you can request a ballot-by-mail in time to vote in the general election is October 23rd @ 5pm.
  • The latest date to return your ballot-by-mail is October 27th, but it doesn’t hurt to return it earlier.
  • You can also drop off your ballot at any ballot drop-box, drop-off location, or voting location in your county on or before election day (November 3rd).
  • After it’s mailed out, you can check the status of your ballot by visiting this website.

**Next week, we’ll be releasing an update with tips on how to vote safely in-person, if you are unable to vote by mail.

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