Quick Question: Is someone contagious after their isolation period ends?

Most COVID-19 patients with symptoms are considered no longer infectious when they are 10 days past first symptoms AND have been fever free for at least 24 hours AND your other symptoms are improving. In some cases, people who fall into this category may still test positive 10 days after their symptoms have resolved. Although they are not likely contagious, those who test positive should take additional precautions, wear a mask and limit their interactions with others. 

For those who never showed symptoms: Wait until 10 days from your positive test to come out of isolation. If you start to have symptoms then you will want to follow the guidance above and stay in isolation until 10 days after symptoms started AND 24 hours after your last fever without medications AND when other symptoms are improving. 

For those with very serious illness and hospitalization. CDC guidance indicates: A limited number of persons with severe illness may produce infectious virus beyond 10 days. For these people, they may need to extend the duration of isolation and precautions for up to 20 days after symptom onset. If you or someone you know had severe illness they should consult with their doctor to determine when they can end isolation. 

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