Information You Need: CDC Updated Close Contact Definition

The CDC recently updated their definition for a “close contact”. Current guidance is as follows: “someone who spent 15 minutes or more within 6 feet of a confirmed COVID-19 case over a 24-hour period of time

This is important because this is the guidance that is used to determine whether or not someone needs to quarantine after an exposure. Following the updated definition closely will help reduce the spread of the virus. 

The updated definition now reflects that the close contact does not have to be with the confirmed COVID-19 case for 15 consecutive minutes or more, but those 15 minutes or more could be spread out over a 24 hour period. 

  • For example, if you were within 6 feet of a confirmed COVID-19 case for 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon, you would be considered a close contact of that person and should quarantine yourself for two weeks. 

For more information about the CDC’s close contact definition, visit this link.
We know it can be difficult to follow evolving guidance. For more information about why guidelines tend to change regarding COVID-19, visit our previous update.

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