Information You Need: What does a new federal administration mean for the COVID-19 pandemic?

The last week saw major shifts in the way our federal government plans to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. In the coming months you should expect some of the following changes and some have already occured!

  1. Greater support from the federal government to organize and streamline rollout of the vaccine. 
  2. Rejoining the World Health Organization and re-engaging in the global fight against the spread of the virus. 
  3. Increase testing capacity across the nation. 
  4. Increase the production and supply of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and the general population. 
  5. Mask mandates for federal lands and some public transportation including some planes, trains and buses. 

These measures should help bring transmission rates down eventually, but it will be several months before we will see the full impact of these kinds of changes. Continue to protect yourself and your family.

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