Valentine’s Day – Nine Ways to Celebrate During a Pandemic

For many couples, celebrating Valentine’s Day typically means going to dine out in a restaurant, or maybe head to a movie at the cinema or performance at a theater. This year, of course, these annual romantic rituals aren’t a good idea. However, it is still important to maintain traditions and make time for your significant other, so if Valentine’s Day is something you’d like to celebrate, here are some alternatives that will help keep you safe, but keep the spirit. 

Combine and adapt any of these ideas, or try something else entirely.  The important part is being intentional about making time to be together, being present in the moment, and enjoying each other’s company! 

Thoughtful Gift

Flowers and chocolate still count, but here’s an opportunity for a thoughtful gift like a photobook, handmade love note, or write the story of how you fell in love
Fancy Dinner at Home

Instead of going out, get out the fancy dishes if you have them, wine glasses, and candles. Order or cook something special, and dress up for the event.
Picnic with the Stars

If it’s a clear night, find a good spot for stargazing, grab a blanket, and pack a picnic basket. Download an app on your phone that identifies constellations!
Movie Marathon in a Fort

Get silly! Build a couch or blanket fort together, add string lights, lots of pillows, snacks, and watch movies or concerts from your cozy couples retreat.
Learn Together

Watch a video tutorial or sign up for an online class together. Cooking, mixology, crafting, painting, dance moves and DIY – the options are almost endless!
Cooking Competition

If you love a competition, try a cook-off! Each of you starts with the same ingredients that you then use to make the best dish you can. Winner takes all?
Play a Game

Dust off a favorite board game, hook up the gaming console, or try something new like a murder mystery box. High-tech or hands-on, it’s all for fun!
Recreate Your First Date

You may not be able to actually return to the scene, but you can recreate it! Order or make the same meal, watch the same movie, or buy the same flowers…
Appreciate the Scenery

Take a walk or bike ride together, and enjoy each other’s company while appreciating the beautiful weather and unique Arizona scenery.

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