Information You Need: Additional COVID-19 Vaccine Mythbusters

As vaccine distribution continues across Arizona, so does the spread of misinformation! This article discusses some of the inaccurate information surrounding a COVID-19 vaccine and what you should know instead. 

Inaccurate COVID-19 Vaccine InformationWhat You Should Know

INACCURATE INFO: COVID-19 vaccines will make you infertile.
FACT: The COVID-19 vaccines will not affect fertility. 
This misinformation began with false internet claims stating the spike protein found on the COVID-19 virus was identical to a different spike protein that helps the placenta attach during pregnancy. The inaccurate reports claimed that since the vaccines help create antibodies against the COVID-19 spike protein, they would also prevent pregnancy. 
These claims are scientifically inaccurate because the two spike proteins are in fact very different from one another. The claims would equate to saying that two different sentences are the same because they contain the same word – it is just not true!
In fact, many people who received the actual vaccine in the vaccination clinical trials have gone on to become pregnant!
INACCURATE INFO: The COVID-19 vaccines contain unsafe ingredients like fetal tissue or microchips.FACT: The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe and contain very few ingredients. 
Fats, salts, and sugar are found within the vaccine to protect the mRNA. No fetal tissue, no microchips, no personal information trackers, and no other unsafe ingredients are found inside the vaccines.
Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not contain any animal products.
INACCURATE INFO: Development of the COVID-19 vaccines were rushed and therefore are not safe.FACT: The vaccines have proven to be safe and effective. There are many reasons why these claims of rushing development are false and here are just a few: 
No stages of vaccine development were skipped. Some stages of vaccine testing were scheduled to overlap with one another, only to be more efficient in the data collection process.
The method of using mRNA vaccines was already in development prior to the pandemic.
More resources and funding were made available to companies to allow them to move more quickly through the development process.
INACCURATE INFO: I will not need to take safety precautions after I get a COVID-19 vaccine.FACT: You will need to continue to take safety precautions such as wearing a cloth face covering, practicing regular hand hygiene, and physical distancing, but you will not have to do this forever! Here are some reasons why we still need to maintain these strategies:
First, receiving a COVID-19 vaccine does not mean instant protection from COVID-19. It will take approximately two weeks after receiving the second dose of a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine to reap the full immunity benefits.
The currently available vaccines are very effective, but they are not 100% effective. As effective as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are, 95% is not 100%, so there is still a possibility of contracting COVID-19 even after receiving a vaccine, especially when transmission is still high. 
Vaccines work best when the majority of people receive them. Experts suggest that to achieve herd immunity, 70% of the population will need to receive a vaccine – we still have a ways to go!
Scientists are still working to understand: how long immunity from the vaccines last and whether or not vaccinated individuals can still carry or spread the virus to others. Early evidence suggests immune response is robust and likely durable but additional evidence is being collected to confirm just how long it lasts and how much transmission is reduced.

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