Quick Question: What to bring when you get vaccinated?

To prepare for your vaccination appointment, you should bring:

  • A photo ID – preferably one with your birthdate on it or a work ID 
  • Proof of your vaccination appointment (if you have it)
  • Your cloth face covering (which should be worn at all times while you are around others)
  • A pen (to complete necessary paperwork)
  • Vaccination card (if you have already received your first dose of a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine)
  • Something to read or otherwise occupy your time during the 15 – 30 minute post-vaccination wait. 
  • Your camera or phone to take a selfie with your vaccination sticker in the waiting area to promote vaccination throughout your social network and community! #IGotTheShot or #Vaccinate

When you prepare for the vaccination appoint, you should:

  • Wear short sleeves. It makes it much easier for the vaccinator to get to your upper arm for delivering the shot and keeps the lines moving faster. 
  • Wear something comfortable as you may be in your car or in line for a while depending on how fast the lines are moving. 
  • Make sure to hydrate well, get a good night sleep. 
  • If it is your second dose, consider trying to schedule your next day’s activities to be light to prepare for the possibility that you may have side effects. 

Each vaccine point of distribution may have different requirements for what you need to bring with you to your appointment, so be sure to check with your vaccination site before arriving. 

Important tips: 

  1. Be sure to take a picture of and hold on to your vaccination card after you get a first dose of the vaccine! You should bring the physical card to your second appointment as the vaccinators need to record the second dose on the same card. 
  2. It is also a good idea to arrive just a little bit early (15 minutes or less) before your appointment.

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