March Wellness Reminder – Hydrate for Health

As we come up on the one-year anniversary of the pandemic in the U.S., we want to take this time to remind people to reconnect with your wellness. It is important to find moments in your week for self-care as we both process the difficult past year and prepare for the next one ahead of us. 

Wellness Tip of the Week: Hydration

We all know that hydration is important, but it can be easy to forget that there are times when it is more important than ever. As you practice self-care during a pandemic, water can help support every part of your body and mind. In addition to physical health and immune function, hydration can also affect mood, energy levels, and even brain function. 

  1. Find out how much water you should be drinking. The right amount for each person can vary based on age, health conditions, medications, activity levels, and even time spent outdoors. If you’ve never talked to your healthcare provider to get the best recommendation for you, this may be something worth doing!  
  2. Track your water intake. Mark a clear water bottle with lines and what time you’d like to get to that line. Alternately, try using an app to track your water intake. Tracking your progress can help you stay accountable to your water goal and feel a sense of achievement.
  3. Set reminders for yourself. Carrying a water bottle can be a visual reminder, or try setting an alarm on your phone. Other ways to help you remember are to create little rules, such as always drinking a full glass before you eat, or after every trip to the bathroom, or taking a sip every hour. Fitting the water into your normal routines can help build a long-term habit. 
  4. Spice up your water. Try infusing fresh fruits and herbs into your water to add variety, such as lemon zest, cucumber, ginger, berries, mint, rosemary, lemon balm, and many more. If you often drink soda, try infused or naturally flavored carbonated water for a refreshing kick. 

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