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[Sticky] Using Food Wisely  

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Many news outlets are reporting that food waste is on the rise as people stockpile food to reduce trips to the store and to follow stay-at-home orders during COVID-19. When faced with lack of resources (think: empty store shelves) and lack of income for many, using food wisely is more important than ever. 


[If you are facing a food shortage, there are services available to help you. Visit the Arizona Department of Economic Security's website to find a list of community resources and services. For further assistance, visit Arizona 211.]


5 Ways to make your food go farther:

1. Shop smart: buy enough food to limit how often you have to go to the store, but not so much that it will go bad before you eat it.

2. Making a shopping list will help you ensure you don't forget anything essential, and will help you get your shopping done  efficiently so you can get back out of the store as quickly as possible. 

3. When putting away groceries, follow the "first-in, first-out rule": put new groceries toward the back of the fridge/shelf, and move the older food toward the front so you remember to use it first. 

4. Organize your fridge to make sure foods don't get hidden in the back and go bad before you find them again. Put fresh foods that may go bad more quickly at eye-level, if possible, so you don't forget about them.

5. When your fresh foods are starting to look a little past their prime, it's time to make soup! Soup not only uses up vegetables, but it's nutritious and filing, and can be frozen for later, too. 





Posted : 07/04/2020 11:30 am